04 Mar Yet another flipped home with BIG issues!

Most of the people who flip Long Island homes are only after one thing – your money!

Most of these homes are renovated cosmetically, but rarely do these unscrupulous people get proper permits and do the work as per modern building codes.

Yet you read the online listing which states “completely renovated”.  Yikes!! Rarely is this done. The duct connector you see in the photo contains asbestos, yet the home is renovated? What was asbestos doing in a renovated home?

As long as you, the buyer, have a good home inspector, you can find out these issues beforehand. So do not cheap out with a cut rate inspector. Remember, you get what you pay for, and this really matters when you buy a home and hire a home inspector.

I recently stopped in to a local real estate office that moved across the street, and happened to see a brochure stating “Home Inspection $295”. Well that is certainly a great price, but I would be highly suspect of someone who inspects for such a low rate.

Most inspections on Long Island cost $400-$600. So ask a lot of questions, check their online reviews, ask what organizations they belong to, and ask for a copy of a recent inspection by this inspector before hiring them.




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