improper exhaust sealants on long island water heaters

02 May The danger of improper exhaust sealants on water heaters.

Many times when performing a home inspection here on Long Island, I find improper exhaust sealants on water heaters, or in some cases, no sealants at all.
The exhaust pipe in the photo is not connected properly into the chimney breach, and this is an issue I see regularly.
In this case, I would say the homeowner performed the installation, or a friend, (who is really not a friend if they do this).  This can be a serious issue, especially if it is windy as it can cause exhaust fumes to be forced back down the chimney into the house.
A qualified heating contractor would be needed to repair this piping, and it is not a difficult repair, but homeowners should not be performing such repairs!
We have seen homeowner-installed exhaust piping at the wrong angle, improper strapping materials, modified piping, taped-over piping, and many other bastardizations of heating exhaust pipes that it would make your head spin.
The wrong installation of your exhaust piping for water heaters and boilers can cause serious injury, or even death, so don’t be ridiculous, call Meticulous!

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