06 May What’s Hiding Under That Mulch

Picture looks harmless right? Well having the mulch thrown against your siding by the landscaper may make the beds look nice, but the first piece of lumber atop your foundation can be very close to grade, and termite forage for your lumber.

Termites build what are known as mud or shelter tubes out of sand, soil, and their secretions, and these tubes can be found inside and outside the home. They travel within these tubes, find cellulose in the lumber, and return it to the colony.

Siding could be hiding these tubes and you would never know it. Unless, of course, you call Meticulous Home Inspection where we bring a full service termite contractor to do all our termite inspections in conjunction with our home inspections.

But other companies offer ‘free termite’ inspection as a sales gimmick included with their inspection. What’s the difference? 

Inspectors that offer free termite inspections do so after taking a class, but without an applicators license they cannot apply pesticides, or install and monitor bait stations – in other words – they are not true termite professionals.

We bring FULL SERVICE pest control contractors in business for 30 plus years for our inspections, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, you are getting a separate set of eyes looking at the most important part of the home – the foundation.

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