Chimney straps found during a Long Island Home Inspection

04 May Long Island Home Inspection – chimney straps

Every so often I see a chimney that is strapped to the house, and this house that I inspected on Long Island shows you what I mean, and this time there are two straps.

A strapped chimney should ALWAYS be inspected by a licensed chimney contractor as this repair, if not done properly, can lead to the chimney pulling away from the house with PART of the house, and could also collapse.

While this is rare, it can happen, and in this case the grading was towards the house so the soil may be soaked more than it should, and can cause further movement of this heavy part of the house due to water softening the soil in this area.

I typically recommend a chimney be evaluated before closing so if costs are high it can be part of the contract of sale that it be evaluated and repaired.

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