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30 Oct How to promote carbon monoxide in the home.

This is a photo taken in a home recently here by Long Island Home Inspector Ray Wilson from Meticulous Home Inspection Corp., and shows an exhaust pipe from a water heater improperly installed in a basement of a home from the 1800’s.

All exhaust piping should be at an angle upwards towards the chimney of at least 1/4 inch per foot so exhaust gasses can escape out of the chimney. Putting piping on an angle downwards will make it more difficult for the heated gasses to escape, and on a windy day gasses can be blown back into the house.

Also, this piping rests on concrete, and should not touch in any area except where it enters the chimney breach where it should be sealed with furnace cement. This piping was not sealed, and this is therefore a carbon monoxide issue, and was entered into the report as such.

Only a licensed heating technician should be called to evaluate and repair this, and it is my sincere hope someone actually calls in the pro to fix this.



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