08 Jun GFI Receptacle Testing

Something as simple as a GFI receptacle can save your life, but won’t if you don’t test them.

When a kitchen is renovated, typically you update your old electrical components – especially ungrounded vintage wiring in the walls that may not be grounded. 

When you do, you also install GFI receptacles – the receptacles with the reset and test buttons. Did you know you have to test them regularly?

Many people don’t.

GFI receptacles sometimes will not trip when you push the test button, or they will make a buzzing or clicking noise before finally tripping. If it does not trip instantly, that amount of added time may make all the difference in the world if you are being shocked.

At least once a month you should be testing the GFI receptacles by pushing the test button, then resetting with the reset button. If it does not reset, you need an electrician to replace it.

Anywhere there is a source of water or the possibility of wetness or dampness, your receptacles should be GFI protected. 

All receptacles that serve countertops (even if no sink is present), bathroom sink areas, washing machine areas, wet bar areas, and in new construction GFI protection is required outside the house, and in the garage. And exterior receptacles should have the large, ‘in-use’ (or ‘bubble’ as they are called) covers.

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