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The listing for the house you fell in love with states it is ‘renovated’.

Wow! A great house and it’s “like new”!

Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Meticulous Home Inspection has found too many Long Island homes inspected by Meticulous , as well as homes throughout New York City, that were simply too good to be true. Many homes are advertised as “completely renovated,” when in fact only a cosmetic restoration has been performed. Meticulous Home Inspection Corp. has found many issues in homes that were thought to be completely renovated. These hidden issues can come back to bite you if you hire the wrong home inspector for your home purchase.

Homes that have major renovations to the exterior and interior must be renovated as per modern building codes in practice at the time of the renovation. However, it seems that very few “flippers” actually follow the code they are supposed to adhere to. In New York State, as well as many other places, this is against the law. That’s why it’s necessary to call the Long Island home inspector with the proper background and experience!

Don’t let this be you:

“My cousin Louie is a contractor,

and he will be doing our home inspection.”

This mistake can really cost you when you are about to commit to the largest monetary investment of your life. Home inspections are highly specialized and bring together all of the various trades of modern home construction.  Your average contractor may not be knowledgeable in all areas of construction, nor may not know about things like old ‘balloon-framed’ houses from the 1920’s-30’s that have their own special set of issues. There are 3 old brands of electrical service panels in many New York homes that are still in service, and if your contractor does not know about these old panels, you may end up with an electrical fire. Meticulous Home Inspection is familiar with all homes from the 1800’s on up. We are also trained to find the defects that contractors miss or omit to save money.

After you receive your inspection report from Meticulous Home Inspection, we recommend that you have licensed contractors evaluate and price the issues found by your inspector.

It’s quite common for sellers to perform repairs on their home, but often we find repairs are improperly done and a licensed contractor is needed.

Many homes appear renovated, but often – especially in older homes – we find inferior workmanship that can affect the value, quality and eventual sell-ability of your home.

‘Flip’ homes may look good, but most times are not not as they appear.

We have found 50-year-old wiring that is tattered, ungrounded, and in need of replacement behind newly tiled kitchen backsplashes. We have also found rusted circuit breaker panels like this (see picture) in a home that was being sold as completely renovated.

In addition, we’ve had cases where our inspector saw stairwells at a Long Island home inspection that were so low in height they could cause head/neck injury due to low headroom, but these issues were not addressed during the renovation. Our professionals have come across so many things that are not allowed in modern construction. Issues like these should be professionally evaluated by properly licensed and established contractors so proper repair costs are known.

‘Flip’ homes can have many hidden secrets.

Meticulous Home Inspection Corp. has also discovered inadequately sized drain piping in a home advertised as renovated, as well as old galvanized steel drain piping (see picture). This kind of piping will rust internally and may eventually clog due to build-up and rust within the piping.

Old, original drain piping should be replaced when renovating an older home, but often we find it is not. We have found 60-year-old drain piping in a home that was touted as completely renovated. Would you know where to look for this piping?

Asbestos – an expensive removal cost that can be found during a home inspection.

Asbestos is a natural, mined material that is fibrous, and has many great properties for containing and being resistive to heat and wear, but in the home this material can deteriorate and cause health issues when it becomes friable (can produce dust that can be breathed in).

This material is found in homes as pipe insulation (see picture), duct insulation, as floor and ceiling tile, and can even be found on boilers, furnaces and chimneys in older homes.

Trust Meticulous Home Inspection to show you where it may exist, and breathe easy!


These issues are supposed to be addressed when performing a complete renovation, but unscrupulous flippers try to hide things that you may not notice, like the underground oil tank lines visible protruding from the foundation wall hidden by paneling (see picture). Many times, they succeed.

Luckily, when you call Meticulous Home Inspection as your Long Island home inspector, we can take note of these problems so you know exactly what needs to be done in your new home. Without a proper inspection, costly issues can be overlooked and can take the joy from your newly purchased home.

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